Roberta Bianchini
Researcher, IAC, National Research Council - CNR


Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo ''Mauro Picone''
via dei Taurini 19
I-00185, Rome

EMAIL1: roberta DOT bianchini AT cnr DOT it

EMAIL2: r.bianchini AT iac DOT cnr DOT it

OFFICE: 2nd floor, 210-B


Here is a special issue --> Fluid instabilities, waves and non-equilibrium dynamics of interacting particles published by new open access journal Mathematics in Engineering that I edited together with Chiara Saffirio.

My research is partially funded by - Sistemi di EDP parzialmente dissipativi: aspetti teorici per sistemi iperbolici, applicazioni alla biologia e modelli di fluidodinamica - a GNAMPA project 2020 by the GNAMPA group of INdAM.
Until March 2020, I have been founded by FSMP and previously by the ERC starting grant of Anne-Laure Dalibard, at the lab LJLL.
In collaboration with
Michele Coti Zelati, we coordinate a project on Mathematical Aspects of Geophysical Flows, funded by the Royal Society (IEC\R2\202029).

Since 2019, I am a member of Unione Matematica Italiana (UMI).

I am MSRI Research Member in the MSRI program
Mathematical problems in fluid dynamics.